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June 20, 2022  

Episode 68: Justin Bieber / Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

June 20, 2022

We had so much listener interest in a Justin Bieber and Ramsay Hunt syndrome episode that we decided to release this episode early. Our next regular episode will come out on July 1. 


Pop superstar Justin Bieber recently was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome. Today the guys chat about Justin Bieber and then later discuss what exactly is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Ali starts us by regaling us with the tales of his visit to the Justin Bieber museum in Stratford, Ontario (1:08).  The guys then discuss how he was discovered by Scooter Braun and his mother’s involvement in his success. They discuss his numerous controversies but also  discuss the role of handlers and enablers with young stars and whether they bear some blame in these controversies. They then discuss some successes (Despacito, Tim Hortons collab) and his large charitable donations to the Philippines. Then Ali asks Asif about Ramsay Hunt syndrome (21:09). Asif explains that Justin has Ramsay Hunt syndrome type 2, and he then briefly explains what the other two types are. Asif explains the similarities and differences between Ramsay Hunt syndrome type 2 and Bell’s palsy. He also discusses how it is essentially shingles of your ear and facial nerve. He then talks about how you get it, what it looks like and how it is treated. Then he discusses the prognosis for Justin, based on the scientific literature.  


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