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June 17, 2022  

Episode 67: Ms Marvel / Women, Pain and Medicine

June 17, 2022

Today, Asif and Ali discuss the new Disney Plus / Marvel TV show Ms. Marvel (0:53).. The guys start off by discussing the pronunciation of ‘Kamala’ in the show and highlight how she is the first South Asian and Muslim hero to headline her own show. They discuss the history of the character and the key individuals involved in her creation, G. Willow Wilson and Sana Sana Amanat.  They discuss the muslim showrunners and directors of the show, the terrific cast and how Asif thinks Ali should have been cast as the father in the show. Then they both give their thoughts on the series. Later, based on a listener's suggestion, Ali asks Asif about how and why doctors treat men and women’s pain differently (27:54). Asif discusses the literature which suggests that women get less effective pain treatment and are often given anti-anxiety medication instead of pain meds. He then discusses the evidence going back over 20 years which demonstrates this clear bias regarding pain, gender and medicine. Finally he discusses ways on how both patients and physicians can address this “pain gap”. 

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