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June 10, 2022  

Episode 66: George Carlin / Dangers of Cannabis Edibles in Children

June 10, 2022

Today, Ali and Asif discuss the life and career of the legendary comedian George Carlin and the recent HBO documentary on his life ‘American Dream’ (0:56). They discuss the importance of George Carlin, his background and his early influences. They also discuss how George Carlin re-invented himself several times in his career and his “7 words you can’t say on television” bit. They then give their thoughts on the documentary ‘American Dream’. Given Carlin’s history of marijuana use (and as a follow up to our conversation with Eman Husseini who touted the M and M look-alike edibles) Ali asks about how often kids inadvertently ingest cannabis and whether this has increased with legalization (28:32). Asif then discusses the common features of cannabis overdose in children. They then discuss the “look-alike” packaging of edibles as brand name candy and how ‘Big Candy’ is fighting back against this. Finally, Asif discusses what can be done to help prevent these overdoses. 


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