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June 3, 2022  

Episode 65: Kids in the Hall / Monkeypox

June 3, 2022

On this episode, the guys discuss the classic Canadian comedy crew, the Kids in the Hall (1:19). They discuss the origins of the group and how Lorne Michaels gave them their big break with their show on HBO and CBC. Ali then discusses his interactions with each member of the troupe (he has met them all!). They discuss the success of the ‘Kids in the Hall’ show as well as some of their less successful ventures (‘Brain Candy’, ‘When Death Comes to Town’). They discuss the legacy of the group as well as their new series on Amazon Prime. Then Ali asks Asif about the newsmaking disease monkeypox (42:57). Asif discusses the virus, how you get it and the symptoms. He also compares it to smallpox and discusses how waning immunity to smallpox may be causing these outbreaks. They then discuss whether it is sexually transmitted or not. They then discuss treatment and ‘ring vaccination’ to prevent outbreaks. 


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