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April 29, 2022  

Episode 60: Doctor Vs Comedian Vs Comedians Vs The News (Jess Salomon and Eman El-Husseini)

April 29, 2022

Today on a special episode the guys interview the El-Salomons – Jess Salomon and Eman El-Husseini. They discuss how they developed their joint comedy act (via a New Yorker style comic) and whether they prefer performing solo or together. Asif then asks Eman and Jess about performing with Patton Oswalt. Then they get into how the  pair became involved with the BBC World Service and ‘Comedians Vs the News’. They discuss some of their favourite guests and headlines from the show. Then everyone discusses some news stories from the first part of 2022, including the Freedom Convoy in Asif’s home town of Ottawa, perceptions of Justin Trudeau and the controversy about “Trump Avenue” in Ottawa. They also discuss how there was so much comedian outrage about the Will Smith/Chris Rock incident but so little about Louis CK winning a Grammy. 


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