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November 12, 2021  

Episode 37: TikTok and Tourette

November 12, 2021

Today, the guys switch things around by discussing the medical topic first -- Tics and Tourette Syndrome (1:02). Asif discusses what the symptoms of Tourette Syndrome are, how you diagnose it and what causes it. He also talks about other commonly associated conditions and why you often do NOT need to treat tics. Then Ali and Asif discuss Tourette Syndrome on tv shows, movies and especially social media (20:50). Asif discusses how he was asked to be on the TV show “Employable Me” as a medical expert on Tourette Syndrome and his reasons for declining the offer.  Asif discusses the finding of an increase in psychogenic tics over the Covid-19 pandemic and it’s possible relation to TikTok influencers. And as a bonus, at the end of the episode, Ali announces his casting in the new CBC sitcom “Run the Burbs”. 


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