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August 27, 2021  

Episode 26: 40th Anniversary of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’/ Spinal Muscular Atrophy

To start the episode the guys give their thoughts  on two recent summer movies; Asif talks about “The Suicide Squad” and Ali reviews “The Green Knight” (2:00). Then the guys talk about the 40th anniversary of one of the greatest summer movies of all time, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ (18:55). The guys start off by talking about their personal connections to the movie. They then talk about how George Lucas and Steven Spielberg crafted the character of Indiana Jones and the development of the first movie, as well as trivia about the film. Then Ali asks Asif about Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) (39:39). Asif goes over the genetic cause of the disorder as well as the common presenting symptoms. Asif then goes over the (near-miraculous) new treatments for SMA and the high cost of these new therapies. 


Show notes:

YouTube video links from various US hospitals regarding patients treated for spinal muscular atrophy:

August 20, 2021  

Episode 25: Can you teach ‘funny’? /ALS

To start the episode, Ali’s recounts a recent Drive-in comedy show he did with Shaun Majumder (1:03). Then Asif asks about the course Ali teaches at Queen’s University and whether you can “teach funny” (7:38). Ali then talks about various exercises he used with his students to develop their comedic skills. Ali then discusses various books on the history of comedy and to help with honing one’s stand up. Then Ali asks Asif about ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) (36:02). They discuss about how a listener suggested they address the topic and go over the symptoms and how there is often a delay in diagnosis. Asif clarifies that while Lou Gehrig had the disease, Stephen Hawking likely did not. They talk about the lack of effective treatments and the need for more advocacy regarding ALS. Finally, they discuss the case of Chris Snow, former Calgary Flames Assistant General Manager and his diagnosis and experimental treatment for a genetic form of ALS. 

Show notes:

August 13, 2021  

Episode 24: Interview with Dr. Glaucomflecken

In this very special episode, Ali and Asif interview ophthalmologist, comedian and social media sensation Dr. Will Flannary aka Dr. Glaucomflecken. In their hilarious and wide ranging chat they discuss:


  • His comedic influences
  • How he got started doing stand up and how he transitioned to social media
  • His philosophy of comedy, ‘punching up’ and why one should be cognizant of power dynamics when doing medical comedy
  • Doctor stereotypes
  • The benefits of letting patients see your comedic side
  • The charity ‘First Descents’ and the impact it has made in his life


PLUS Ali asks random eye questions to Dr. Glaucomflecken!!!

August 6, 2021  

Episode 23: Hecklers / ‘Difficult’ Patient-Doctor Relationships

Today, after playing a clip of Will Ferrell ‘heckling’ Jimmy Fallon on the tonight show (1:52), Ali discusses heckling in comedy (2:25). He discusses the different types of interruptions that can occur and the ‘dangers’ of crowd work and a crazy story from Sudbury, Ontario. Then Asif discusses the idea of ‘difficult” parents in pediatrics (24:39)-- and quickly dismisses this terminology and emphasizes the need to reframe these as ‘difficult relationships’. He then discusses some of the tensions that exist in doctor-parent-patient relationships. Asif then lists 10 tips for doctors on ways to address difficult relationships and some ways for families to navigate their dealings with doctors. 


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